Fagus Multimanager Sicav is a "Multicompartment open-ended collective investment company" constituted under Luxembourg law, and is an "Undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities" (UCITS) complying with Part 1 of the law dated 20 December 2002 concerning collective investment undertakings. Fagus Multimanager Sicav has its registered office at 2-4 rue Eugène Ruppert – L-2453 Luxembourg.

The purpose of this site is to present Fagus Multimanager Sicav in purely informative terms, and it does not therefore constitute an offer or a solicitation for the offer of shares or investment services.

Fagus Multimanager Sicav shares are registered and available solely for Italian institutional counterparts and private and institutional clients of Luxembourg and the Republic of San Marino.

Fagus Multimanager Sicav has dedicated all reasonable attention to ensure that the information given in this website is accurate. Fagus Multimanager Sicav is in no way responsible for the accuracy of information given in sites from which this site can be accessed by links.

All materials contained in this site are the property of Fagus Multimanager Sicav, and may not be reproduced or published without its prior authorization.

Any decision to invest in Fagus Multimanager Sicav must be based solely on the most recently updated version of the Informative Prospectus, the most recent certified accounting statement, and the half-yearly report, if released after the most recent annual statement. These documents are available free of charge by downloading the files from this website, on request from Fagus Multimanager Sicav, or from the parties designated for placement.


The Net Capital Value of a share may either fall or rise, and at the moment of share redemption investors may therefore receive a corresponding sum lower than the capital originally invested. Past returns do not give a reliable indication of future returns. The returns presented are net of management expenses but gross of initial commissions and taxes. Benchmarks have been chosen solely to allow the trends of the respective compartments to be compared.

All data on returns given in this site are based on numerical data expressed in the currency indicated. If this currency is different from the currency of legal tender in your country of residence, the returns indicated will increase or decrease according to fluctuations in the exchange rates between the currencies.

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